2014 Holiday Contest Story: “Holiday Hurricane”

I thought that writing the holiday contest story would be a breeze compared to the Halloweensie contest story. But I was wrong. My first draft was 470 words. Yikes. A wee bit long…So I rewrote the beginning and came up with…almost exactly the same word count. A wee bit more editing and I finally got it down to 348 words.

So here is my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2014 Holiday Contest. For the rules, click here.

And if you want to know more about hurricanes, I came across this cool simulation during my research.


Hurricane in the North Pole

“Holiday Hurricane”

Radar Elf stared at the “weird horrible alarming terrible nasty odd weather” radar–or “What Now” radar for short.
He flew out of the office. “Santa, Santa, the ‘What Now’ radar is showing winds scoring a 1 on the hurricane scale…What now?”
Santa dashed through the snow. “Get the reindeer and the sleigh in the barn. Everybody inside.”
“Wooooooooooooo,” wailed the wind.
The wind huffed on. It slowed. Santa opened a window and the words “down, down, down” echoed through the air. Then silence.
Detective Elf blasted out of the workshop.
“Hmmmm,” said Detective Elf. “Why is there so much straw scattered everywhere?”
“Must be from the reindeer beds,” said Radar Elf.
Santa scurried past. “Come on, we are already late. These toys must be delivered.”
The elves flung into action.
“SAN–TA!” cried Radar Elf. “The ‘What Now’ radar shows we’re in for winds that are a 2 on the hurricane scale.”
“A 2! Better batten down the hatches, elves.”
The team whooshed back inside.
“Wooooooooooooo,” wailed the wind.
The wind puffed on. It slowed. Santa opened the window. There was that echo again, “Down, down, down.”
“Why are there so many sticks lying around?” asked Detective Elf.
“Oh, it’s only our firewood,” said Radar Elf.
“Santa, Santa,” cried Radar Elf. “The ‘What now’ radar shows that the storms are coming from Fairytaleland.”
“Fairytaleland, eh? Hmmmm…Santa, I know! Let’s fly there before the next storm,” said Detective Elf.
Just in the Saint Nick of time, Santa and Detective Elf landed in front of the Big Bad Wolf.
Big Bad Wolf stood in front of the house made of bricks. “Now, I’ll huff and I’ll puff…Santa?”
“Now Big Bad Wolf,” Santa wagged his finger at him. “No more huffing. No more puffing. No more blowing the houses down.”
“If you are nice instead of naughty,” continued Santa, “then I will give you a Christmas feast.”
The Big Bad Wolf licked his lips. “Deal,” he said.
“Phew,” said Detective Elf. “The next one would have been at least 3 on the hurricane scale.”


51 thoughts on “2014 Holiday Contest Story: “Holiday Hurricane”

  1. Hahaha! What a clever mash-up of Christmas and fairy tale, Linda! I hope the Big Bad Wolf found a little Christmas spirit 🙂 Love how neatly Radar explained everything (the reindeer bedding… the firewood…) but how Detective Elf knew better 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the holiday fun! Woooooooooo!

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