Get ready for Wow Nonficpic!

Has it already been a year?Tomorrow Wow Nonficpic will start. It doesn’t seem like a whole year has gone by since I participated in the challenge for the first time.

What is Wow Nonficpic? It’s a challenge to write seven nonfiction picture book (or magazine) drafts in seven days.

I reread my post from that challenge last year. I had forgotten that I wrote “The Worm Dance” during Wow Nonficpic last year. Now it’s a year later, and it is the manuscript I am working on for the Children Book’s Academy poetic techniques course. And it has undergone a significant transformation since then!

This year I have set a goal to finish one. Why only one? For one thing, I am still working on my two courses (see this post for more information.) But more importantly, since taking my nonfiction archaeology course, I realize now how much research it takes to write a nonfiction picture book. A lot. I am confident that I have researched one topic well enough to write a “sloppy copy”. And if I can find the time to research and write a second or even a third one, then that will be a bonus.

I still need to write a picture book draft for the 12X12 challenge this month, which is another reason why I am participating.

I do enjoy writing nonfiction. But then I have always enjoyed researching.

Will you join us at Wow Nonficpic?