50 Precious Words Contest 2017

Yay! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time for the 2nd annual 50 Precious Words Contest hosted by the charming Vivian Kirkfield. Have you entered yet? If not, there’s still time. The contest closes March 6.

And if you haven’t heard about the contest, you can swing on over to Vivian’s website and read the rules.

I am always up for a challenge, so here’s my entry for this year, which is exactly 50 words.

Snow Child

Fun snow.
Soft snow.
Happy in the snow.
…in the snow.
Like jam in my toes…
Oh oh!
Mama runs
Out the door.
Gets …
…my boots.
…my socks.
Runs inside…
Warm toes before the fire.
Looking out at the snow.

My own snow child...but with boots!

My own snow child…but with boots!

There’s more fun to be had over at Vivian’s website. Take a moment and read some of the other entries. I am always interested to see how others are able to write a story with just 50 words.


24 thoughts on “50 Precious Words Contest 2017

    • Thanks. I used to be a “snow baby” in my time. I remember the reward of hot chocolate after hours in the snow, toes frozen. But, alas, no fire!

    • Yes, we were certainly lacking in the white stuff this year. The picture of my daughter is actually from last season. I couldn’t find a good one from this year.

  1. While I was never a snow child myself, you have conjured up a lovely picture here! (And it’s true that today, coming in from the snow and back to the warmth is my favorite part ;-).) Best of luck!

    • Here during my childhood we all became snow children by default, because our moms just kicked us out for some “fresh air”. (And peace for them?)

  2. Love the imagery! Reminds me of my first time in the snow – I was so happy to be inside, again, in front of the fire with my hot chocolate. Thanks for the memory!

  3. A gorgeous story, Linda. Here in Australia, we have to travel to get to the snow, and it brought back memories of how my kids loved the (pathetically sparse) snow on their recent first encounter!

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