50 Precious Words Contest 2016

I always love the short story contests that Susanna Leonard Hill runs. So I was excited when Vivian Kirkfield announced that she was running a 50 words or less contest. You can see the rules if you click here.
I admit that this was quite the challenge. Events of the past week drained me emotionally. So I decided that I would try to modify one of my 100 words stories. But it was way too hard, and I don’t think the story actually was understandable with only 50 words.
So yesterday when my daughter was on a playdate with a friend who had recently moved, I listened to their conversation, hoping for some inspiration. Bingo! I decided to base my story on one of their conversations about how they would keep in touch. Certainly the actual conversation was much longer and what they decided in the end was different, but the contest story is only supposed to be 50 words or less…I am thinking that their full length conversation could be turned into a picture book manuscript.
I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to go to Vivian’s website to read the other stories too.

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Friends with Imagination
50 words

Cam was moving.
“I know,” Annie said. “Let’s share an imaginary friend.”
“Annie, we’ll hardly play with each other anymore.”
“But Cam…we can have a book where we write about our imaginary friend’s adventures.”
“You get the book first. When we see each other again, I’ll get it.”

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8 thoughts on “50 Precious Words Contest 2016

  1. YAY! I love this, Linda. I love that you wrote something from what you observed…write what you know is what they tell us, right?
    And I love the idea of two friends creating a book that they share…that is super smart
    Thank you so much for joining in…this is wonderful! Do you want to copy and paste the actual story into the blog comments?

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