Another Reading Game

Because she was overtired, my six-year-old daughter didn’t want to take a walk with me and her grandfather on Sunday. Instead of it turning into a power struggle, I decided to offer to make a “treasure hunt” for her to do on the way. She agreed, so long as it was a question and answer one with multiple choice answers.

I wracked my brain as to what sort of “treasure hunt” I could make up in such a brief period of time. So I decided to forgo a traditional one, and instead I made up some questions about the neighbourhood that she could answer.

I asked questions like “What is the name of the crescent across the road?” I also asked her questions about her neighbour’s houses and streets.

It was a great way to practice her reading skills while also having fun. But not only did she practice her reading skills, she also was able to hone her observational skills. At the same time, she got to know her neighbours and neighbourhood better, which is important for all children.

I was surprised at how many answers she already knew before we began our walk. But she also learned some things that she did not already know.

I am planning on doing something like this again. If you try it yourself, let me know how it goes.


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