Are you ready for PiBoIdMo 2015?

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So I am taking another online writing course from ed2go. The first exercise in the course is to read a copy of a newspaper and write down 25 ideas. Be inspired by the articles and pictures. I even looked at the ads.
I thought that I couldn’t possibly find that many, but I was amazed that I did come up with 25 ideas. For example, I found a couple when looking at a picture similar to these ones in this article about a future indoor city. Go ahead, click on the link, and give it a try. See how many ideas you can come up with.
The best part was that eight of the ideas were for picture books! Wowee! And then I thought, Aaaarrrrggghhh! Why isn’t it PiBoIdMo yet? I have eight new ideas in the month before!
But wait, all is not lost. Why not recreate this method during PiBoIdMo? Ah ha!
And so now you know one of the ways I am going to be coming up with ideas during PiBoIdMo. How about you?

Registration starts on October 25.


4 thoughts on “Are you ready for PiBoIdMo 2015?

  1. What a great idea! 😉 I wrote about how I’m getting ready in my blog, too, but one thing I didn’t mention was that I plan on asking for kids’ help. Kids have great ideas, and often say things that spark ideas in me. See you in November!

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