Author visit: Alma Fullerton

I got the pleasure of attending an author visit to the local library last week. And I can call it research!

The author was Alma Fullerton, who is the author/illustrator of this year’s “Let’s Read” book selection “Community Soup”. I blogged about this book (that my daughter won) earlier. To see the post, click here.

Alma began the talk by telling some personal stories and even showing slides of herself as a young girl to accompany those stories. It seems that although Alma wanted to be an author from a young age, she actually did not learn how to read until grade four due to a learning disability. She never let that hold her back though, and she emphasized to the kids in the audience that no one else should determine what you are going to do when you grow up. Alma also illustrated “Community Soup” even though she had no formal training in art. But as Alma commented, she never says “no” to something, although she may say that she isn’t ready for something yet.

She walked us through the process of how she illustrated “Community Soup”. You can see some of the process in this video:

Alma used stuff on hand to create her book. For example, she researched the sand in Kenya, discovered that they have reddish sand, so used some red sand she had brought back from P.E.I. in the book.

All three of her picture books–“A Good Trade”, “Community Soup”, and the upcoming “In a Cloud of Dust”–have Africa themes.

For more information about Alma, visit her website.

Have you sat in on any author talks lately?


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  1. I’ve never heard of Alma Fullerton before, and now I’m off to buy her two books. I’m disappointed that Cloud of Dust is not available yet. Thanks for the interesting post and intriguing video, Linda!

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