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I decided that I would take Tara Lazar’s advice and take myself out for a date to the bookstore. Don’t worry–it’s just for book research. Tara Lazar explains the process in this ReFoReMo post.

I have no Barnes and Nobles in my area, so I went to Chapters-Indigo.

So what grabbed me? I noticed immediately that there were a couple of books that were already mentioned as mentor text in ReFoReMo prominently displayed. “Tap the Magic Tree” was mentioned in this blog post. “Goodnight, Already” was mentioned in this blog post as well as in Tara Lazar’s post.
I also noticed that “The Hockey Sweater” was one of the books that had premiere placement. This makes sense, because it is the 30th anniversary of the book and Tundra Books has reissued the book. (If you have never seen the short film that was made from the original essay, then you are in for a treat. It is one of my favourite NFB films. Click here for some background information.)

Here are three books that were prominently displayed that jumped out at me:

1. “Sweetest Kulu” by Celina Kalluk
I had heard about this book before, and I was glad that I finally got to see it. The illustrations are fabulous! The book is written by an acclaimed Inuit throat singer and is a unique take on welcoming a baby to the world. In this case, the animals of the arctic give gifts to the new baby.

2. “If You Happen To Have A Dinosaur” by Linda Bailey
I love dinosaurs, and I know many kids do too, so I had to check out this book. It’s hard to keep a topic that is written about so much fresh, but this book does it charmingly. It did not disappoint. What do you do if you happen to have a dinosaur and you don’t know what to do with it? Well you can use it as a coffee grinder or an umbrella…Who knew? This is a hilarious book.

3. “What Forest Knows” by George Ella Lyon
I fell in love with this book immediately. The illustrations are fantastic. The language is just beautiful, so lyrical. “Forest knows snow”…”Forest knows waiting”…
The date was fun, and I am sure to do it again soon and hopefully more regularly.
Have you done a book date lately? Tell me some of your favourite new books below.


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