Book Review: “When Emily Carr Met Woo”

I finally got my hands on this book! I had been waiting for…such…a…long…time.

I read the title of the book to my daughter and explained that Emily Carr was a really famous Canadian artist. She piped up, “Then why have I never heard of her?”
Good question. Whatever the reason, “When Emily Carr Met Woo” is an excellent book to introduce Emily Carr to children.

One day Emily walks into a pet shop and sees a lonely monkey. She trades one of her puppies for the monkey, whom she names Woo. Woo is a very mischievous monkey, getting into all sorts of trouble, torturing the other pets and Emily’s sisters. But one day the mischievous monkey steals a tube of paint and eats it. Has Woo gone too far this time?

The story touches only briefly on Emily’s painting career, but the back matter fills in a lot of the missing information.

The author of “When Emily Carr Met Woo”, Monica Kulling, has written many excellent books, including one I reviewed before called “In the Bag”. For the review, click here.

She also wrote another charming book about a painter and his pet called “Lumpito and the Painter from Spain”. The story is about Pablo Picasso and the dachshund that won his heart.

Adults who are interested in finding out more about Emily Carr can read her book called “Klee Wyck” written by Emily herself. The book was published in 1941 and won a Governor General’s Award.

To see Emily Carr’s paintings, watch this video:



2 thoughts on “Book Review: “When Emily Carr Met Woo”

  1. I love hearing the backstory of artists, and the pets in their lives. Her painting are so vibrant, especially with totem poles and other reminders of Canada’s first population.

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