Book review: “Follow Follow”

fairy tales

fairy tales?

Marilyn Singer in “Follow Follow”

The book of reverso poems called “Follow Follow” by Marilyn Singer was recommended during my poetic techniques course.
The premise is that there are two sets of poems. Read the first one from top to bottom, and then read it from bottom to top. So, the second poem is the first one done backwards!
The fascinating thing about these poems is that they often take on a completely different meaning when they are read backwards.
My favourite example of this is called “The Little Mermaid’s Choice”. The first poem talks about the traditional way that the story is laid out. It starts out like this:

“For love,
give up your voice.
think twice.”

When read reverso though, the difference is dramatic:

“Think twice!
give up your voice
for love.”

Which version do you prefer?

The whole book theme is fairy tales. Choices include poems about “The Princess and the Pea” and “The Tortoise and the Hare”.

Here’s another example from “Silly Goose”.

I was born to
be serious all the time.
Who can
find the world funny?

And reverso?

find the world funny.
Who can
be serious all the time?
I was born to

What do you think?


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