Book Review: “The Most Magnificent Thing”

Wanting to learn more about the Canadian picture book market, I came across the recommendation of “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires. I promptly took it out of the library.
My daughter loved it right away. She loves to invent, and she pored over the pages of inventions, wondering which ones were the best ones.
I didn’t realize then that I would eventually meet the author.
Yes, Ashley Spires was at the PYI conference I attended in October! So I bought the book and had her sign it.
At her seminar, Ashley talked about making graphic novels. She is most famous for her “Binky the Space Cat” series of graphic novels.
But she also talked about creating “The Most Magnificent Thing”. Where did she get her idea? Ashley told the story about how she was one of those kids who got frustrated, because what she held in her head did not translate into what came out through her hand onto a paper. In other words, the character is based on herself.
There are a lot of kids like that. Maybe you have one yourself.
“The Most Magnificent Thing” has been nominated for a 2015 blue spruce award. Check out the book yourself.


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  1. I haven’t read this yet, though I’m hoping to do so soon. My goal for the winter is to read all the Blue Spruce nominees. I love stories that stem from real experiences.

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