Book Review: “One Boy”

I admire Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s creativity and imagination. So when I came across “One Boy”, I knew that I would not be let down.

My daughter picked it up, and then she decided to read it to me. I was delighted. Although she can read, she is reluctant to do so, preferring instead that I read to her. At the end of the book, she pronounced it “pretty cool”.

“One Boy” actually is a concept book; in this case, the numbers one to ten are showcased. So you would think that my six-year-old daughter would be well beyond this sort of book. But not at all, because this is also a word within word book. My daughter thought it was cool, because it taught her some relationships between words.

So a book that you can use for the younger set to teach them counting and the older set to teach them spelling? Gotta love that!

Check out some of her other books too, like “First the Egg”, a 2008 Caldecott Honour Book, or “Hidden Alphabet”. Her books are never a disappointment.


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