Challenge: Finding enough writing time

Recently I have realized that I have again not spent as much time writing as I would like. This has been an ongoing problem. So I had to sit down and figure out where I could make more time.
One thing that I realize is that I spend a lot of time in the pursuit of knowledge. But what good is all that knowledge if I don’t apply it.
So like I wrote that I needed to take fewer courses and apply the knowledge I have learned, I also realize that I need to spend less time on the Internet accumulating knowledge.

And I need to be spending less time on the Internet in general. These are the three things that I think I am spending too much time on:
1. Fear of missing out
It’s even got an acronym for it now, because it’s such a prevalent feeling: FOMO. FOMO had been causing me to check my social media accounts a wee bit too many times.
Realistically most information comes around several times, so I don’t need to be checking several times a day. Since I have realized this, I have started to relax about it.
2. Freebies
The kid’s lit community is extremely generous with sharing knowledge. But I need to schedule my time better, so that I am able to watch all those fabulous free webinars plus do my writing.
3. Building my author platform
Do you really have to build an author platform? It depends. From what I have learned, you do need to build an author platform if you are submitting to the big 5 publishers. But what about the smaller publishers? Many of them are often not as concerned.
The challenge is not to spend so much time building a platform that you don’t write. Because if you don’t write, you don’t have a chance to get published, and there is no need for an author platform anyway.

Writers need quiet time, time for them to allow their ideas to germinate and come to fruition. (For more on this see this article.) So now that I am spending less time on the Internet, I am finding more time to be creative. Even if I replace some of the Internet time with cleaning, that is time to think my own thoughts and not to read or listen to somebody else’s thoughts.
I am also working on my “sprang cleanin’”, in order to clear out more room/time for my writing. We were told to set a short term goal, and my short term goal is to clear out and organize my writing space by Memorial Day. Below is my before picture. I will post my after picture on the Wednesday after Memorial Day.

My writing area needs to be simplified

My writing area needs to be simplified

What about you? Do you find it hard to make time to write? If so, how could you find more time?


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