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I did it! I finished the ReFoReMo challenge! I read and analyzed 100 picture books this month! Wow. That’s over 3 picture books per day.

I originally set my goal for 90 books, but when I told my daughter that goal, she informed me that I should be able to reach 100. I thought, well why not, what’s 10 extra books?
At the height of the challenge, I actually had 180 books out of the library. Now, not all of them were for ReFoReMo–some were early readers for my Word by Word book club–but still, I have never had so many books out of the library at once. I asked one librarian what the limit was, and she said that she did not know, but she would give a guess at 100. Not possible, I said, I have well over 100. I wonder how people who have a limit of something like 6 do it? I guess I would be at the library every single day.
I discovered that there were three types of books that were my favorites:
1. Non fiction

I especially love the latest picture book biographies. To see what I mean, click on one or more of these links:
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2. Lyrical
Mmmm, the language of these books is to be savoured.
Pat Zietlow Miller’s post

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3. Loosely plotted
Maybe because I have been accused many times of not having strong enough plot arcs…
Josh Funk’s post

Even though I reached my goal of 100 books, I plan to continue. For example, I need to study how the plot clock works. And now that I have spent so much time analyzing books, it will become more of a habit for me.

And now on to the next challenge!

I participated in the very first RhyPiBoMo challenge last year, and I am looking forward to this year’s challenge. Even though I discovered that writing in rhyme is extremely challenging for me, and I am not sure I will ever accomplish it, I believe that my writing has been enhanced by the techniques used by poets.

The first post started out with a challenge to write a haiku. I love haikus. They are my favourite form of poetry, though I rarely dabble in writing them.

The challenge was to write a haiku titled “A Rainbow in the Cloud”. This was based on Maya Angelou’s quote:
“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
– Maya Angelou
I wrote several haikus and decided that I liked this one, #6 out of 7, best:
The rainbow colours
Drift into your angry cloud
Swirl your lonely heart

(I had to look up if the word “swirl” is one syllable or not, because some people pronounce it with two. The dictionary said it was one syllable.)
I could have written for much longer, but life called me back from my scribblings. I doubt my daughter would have been impressed if I had told her that instead of making her a lunch, I decided to write more haikus…But I really wanted to play around with some alliteration. Hopefully I will have some time to do so.
What about you? Did you finish ReFoReMo? Did you write a haiku? Let me know in the comment section.


4 thoughts on “From ReFoReMo to RhyPiBoMo

  1. Linda, congrats on completing ReFoReMo (try saying that five times). It’s a big accomplishment and you read far more books than I did. Like you. I discovered that nonfiction PBs are my favorite. During my PB search, I found that there are no books about and expert in giraffes. Perhaps there will be one in the future.

    • I discovered that if you say ReFoReMo several times fast, it sounds like a train chugging away. Hmmmm…that may come in handy some day…

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