Giveaway: Sprang Cleanin’ Course

(This week’s post is two days early, because I want to give people a chance to enter the contest.)

Those of you who know me well know that I am a lifelong learner. I am always taking some sort of course or other, and I am always really happy when I am doing that.

This year I decided at the beginning of the year that I would not take any more writing courses. I took a bunch last year, and I decided that I want to absorb what I have learned. As well, I have so many writing books that I need to catch up on. So far I have kept my promise except…well except for the fact that I learned that my library is offering free courses…So yes, I am actually taking a writing for children course right now through Gale Courses, which is kindly being paid for by my local library. Who knows if this will ever be offered again, I say, justifying my actions…

But what I didn’t say was that I wouldn’t take other courses. Ha! So I decided to finally take one of Amy Bower’s courses. I have been a member of her Facebook group for some time now, but I have never taken a course of hers. Her Facebook group has such a fabulous group of women in it, and so I decided to finally take the plunge. Her Dream Lab was fantastic! I highly recommend it for those of you who want to explore your dreams.

One of the students taking Dream Lab at the same time as me was Merrick Weaver. Amy’s course convinced Merrick that she should start her own courses. And so she has a brand spanking new offering: Sprang Cleanin’. I am excited about this course, and I hope that you are too, because I am offering a chance for someone to win a spot in her course.

What is Sprang Cleanin’, you say? It is a “three-week online workshop to clear out space & design the life you want. This class runs from May 6th to May 25th. Now’s the time. Get ready for summer & lighten your load!”

To read more about the course, click here. Registration is until May 5th.

Why do I want to take this course? Because I definitely want to clear out some space from my home for something else in my life. For example, I wasted a lot of time doing my taxes this past weekend, because of my inefficient organizational system. I want to clear out the masses of paper I have and find a new organizational system, so I can use more time for writing…

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave me a comment below, and let me know what you want to create more space for.

The contest ends Saturday (May 2, 2015) at noon. My lovely assistant will draw a name out of a hat, and I will announce the winner Saturday afternoon.

Good luck!

<Contest is now closed.>


11 thoughts on “Giveaway: Sprang Cleanin’ Course

  1. Hi, Linda! I’d love to minimize! My junk (stuff I’ve had in drawers and closets for years) does nothing to enhance my life and everything to weigh me down. I want to lighten this load, but I haven’t even been able to really begin. I recognize that I need to “just start” with a small area…but…just not getting there.
    Maybe if I pretend that I’m moving to a small flat in Paris? Or to a little cottage in Ireland? Purge, purge, purge!
    Maybe this course would help!

  2. My entire life has changed in the past year, and I sometimes feel completely bogged down with “stuff”…the 20 year old business wardrobe, a mountain of insurance paperwork, my late husband’s clothes and belongings. I could really use some ideas and a gentle nudge or two.

    • I am disorganized to the extreme. I need to clean out the landing on my top floor to make it into an efficient office space, find a way to sort and store all of the linen and towels in the house, try to stop leaving piles of paper all over my bookcases, and develop an efficient editing system for my books while also finding a way to store paperwork that is needed. My list could go on and on and….

  3. Every time I need to find an important document, etc. it becomes crazytown in my house because of the lack of organization. I end up getting so frustrated. If everything had its own place life would be so much simpler. I could enjoy without the thought of the looming organizational crisis! 🙂

  4. Taxes, spring cleaning, keeping up with my emails…all things that take time but allow my life to run more efficiently when done. I look forward to hearing all about your Sprang Clean’ class, Linda. If I was a bit more organized I would take it!

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