“Let’s Read”: “Community Soup”

At last weekend’s international festival, my daughter won the book called “Community Soup” by Alma Fullerton.

It turns out the book is the “Let’s Read” choice for the next year. Every year the “Let’s Read” program in Waterloo Region selects a book for the children of the community to read. According to the website, “Children who are read to and who see their family reading demonstrate improved reading skills. Make literacy a family project, and let us help.”
The “Let’s Read” program hosts several local events, including a meet the author event, which I hope to attend. There are also a number of storytime events, including one where you get a chance to sit on the “big weave”, the community quilt that was put together at “A Day and a Night”.

Helping create our community quilt

Helping create our community quilt

The story centres on a group of children at a school in Kenya who are gathering vegetables in order to make soup. But while the other children are busy gathering the vegetables, Kioni is busy gathering her goats. What will happen when the goats arrive at school?

My daughter’s grandfather comes from Tanzania, and has been to Kenya, and so I do try to introduce her to that part of the family history. This book gives her a taste of life in Africa.

“Community Soup” includes a mouthwatering recipe at the back of the book, and some of the proceeds go to the Creation of Hope Project towards the building of community gardens such as the one depicted in the book.

Watch below to see how Alma Fullerton created the book.

What delicious books have you come across lately?


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