Literary Artist at the Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts



Woo hoo! I have been selected as one of the literary artists at the Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts! Come join me for my reading at 8:45 on Friday, June 14.

And what will I be reading? I have two selections: an excerpt from an adult short story and an except from the chapter book I wrote during the chapter book challenge. Here, to tease you, are the first lines:


From the adult story:

He stood in front of the gravestone, tracing the letters on it. Kuno bikutusya…Here lies…He stopped and stepped back, staring off into the distance for a moment. “Hey,” someone shouted, and so he looked over to the murmuring group of people. He could see the other mourners standing by their cars, chatting, getting ready to leave. He met his brother’s eyes…


From the kid’s book:

“Zim zam zeedee, zeedee zim zam,” Ron waved around his carrot.

Mom sighed. “Can you eat your carrot, Ron, instead of using it as a magic wand?”

Ron grinned. “When I grow up, I am going to be as good with magic as Grandma is.” He crunched his carrot.

“That’s not the magic spell Grandma uses,” said Ron’s twin Annie. “It’s this: Zippety zippety dee dee do. Zippety zippety dee dee do.”



Want to hear more? Then I hope that you will  join me there!


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