March Madness Writing Contest Entry

Well I didn’t win or even get an honourable mention in the contest. But I learned a lot and read a lot of fascinating tales too. You can check the results out by clicking here.

Because I am going to tinker with this story a bit more to see if I can get it into sellable form, I am taking it off, at least temporarily. I will however give you a taste of what the tale was like by leaving up the first two lines…

Original post:

Yay! Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting another of her fabulous contests. This time it is β€œThe March Madness Writing Contest”, and the challenge is to write a fractured fairy tale.

I love fairy tales, and I especially love fractured ones. Because Susanna suggested that we could throw in one of the spring holidays, I decided to tinker with the Easter bunny story.




Tweedle had always wanted to be the Easter Bunny. The trouble was that Tweedle was an ant.


29 thoughts on “March Madness Writing Contest Entry

  1. What a wonderful twist on the Easter Bunny, Linda! I love how innovative the ants are, and how they rely on teamwork to win the day! What a fun story! Thanks so much for joining in the writing madness! πŸ™‚

  2. This is such an imaginative and fun story! I love the names Tweedle and Twiddle. I could see them as characters in a picture book series. πŸ™‚ What a great message this story teaches. Well done, Linda!

  3. Oh my gosh, Linda…the line about returning the eggs to the hen house is the funniest ever!
    I love your story…very very creative and wonderful message about teamwork and being able to do anything you set your mind to…so lovely to see you here in the contest…Best of luck!!!

    • Thanks. My research has shown me that it is not always the first line that hooks, but as long as it is close to the beginning.

  4. I found your story to be very entertaining! Love the idea of Team work and also the moral of the story…Anything is possible once we set our minds to it!! Well done!

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