My First Author Reading

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Friday was the big night. This was to be my first reading of my work in front of an audience. I was nervous.

I arrived somewhat early and peeked into the Secord Room. Not bad, a full house for the current author. But when she left, all the crowd left with her. I decided to go in and listen to the author before me, Marcie Schwindt. Although romance is not really my favourite, I thought that she wrote well: nice images with lots of humour. I also enjoyed watching another author read her work.

Former mayor Jane Brewer listens to my reading

Former mayor Jane Brewer listens to my reading

Then I was up. At one point I thought it would only be my husband, daughter and a friend. But I was pleased to see another full house, despite the time.  The former mayor of Cambridge, Jane Brewer, read my biography. And then I was off. Now I have done many speeches in my lifetime, and I have even taught many lessons, but I never really enjoyed my experiences. This was very different. I certainly was nervous, sometimes shaking, but I also really enjoyed myself. I think it was because I really cared about what I was presenting to the audience.

The audience applauded and then it was already over. I fielded some questions, and then left with such a high. If this is how I feel, then I want to do this again, I thought. It certainly provides motivation to do more writing.

After the event, I received the judge’s comments. They made me feel great. The first were general overall comments on my writing style. And then she critiqued both my stories. The judge liked both, but thought that my children’s story needed some redoing. Ah yes, I have put it aside for a while, but it is time to get back to it.

Have you had any recent firsts?


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  1. Congratulations Linda on your speech and having a good time with it. Hope you will keep writing and that it brings your opportunities like this one.

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