Subversive Picture Books

I want to write subversive picture books.

Huh? What does that mean, you ask?

According to Julie Danielson of “Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast”, subversive picture books are thought provoking, mind blowing or life changing. They can defy social law or make children think critically about the status quo.

One example Julie Danielson gave in her recent 12X12 webinar (one of the fabulous perks on being a 12X12 member is their awesome webinars) is one of my all time favourite books:

In “The Paper Bag Princess” Princess Elizabeth is going to marry Prince Ronald, but one day a dragon comes and smashes her castle and carries her prince off. She is left with only a paper bag to wear, but that does not deter her from setting out to save her prince. But when Elizabeth defeats the dragon, the reaction of Ronald leads her to make a new choice in her life.

What’s your favourite subversive picture book?


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