Teapot Tales

It’s out! The chapter book challenge anthology, which has been renamed “Teapot Tales” has gone live on Amazon.

It’s been an exciting process. First writing the fairy tales and having them accepted. Then voting on the title and the cover. And, finally, seeing it go up on Amazon.

I have two fairy tales in the anthology. The first one is called “Rooblefound”, which is a twisted version of “Rumpelstiltskin”. Here is a teaser:


The duke rubbed his hands over the fire. “I have found a way for us to make our fortune, my Precious.”

Precious stopped combing her hair and looked over at her father. “Oh I knew you would. But how?”

He smiled. “The king is looking for a queen. The test is for someone to be able to spin straw into gold.”

She tossed her long, dark hair. “But, Father, I can’t do that.”

“Don’t worry, my Precious. I have many friends in the palace. I will sneak in the gold.”

The duke took his daughter’s hand and they danced around the room.


The second is called “The Three Little Cherry Trees”. This is an original fairy tale. Here are the opening lines:


Once there were three little cherry trees. They lived in a little grove and above them was an older, wiser cherry tree. They used to watch this cherry tree and envy her because of her beautiful blossoms. They had not yet hit maturity.


We have already gotten a mention on Aldebaran Publication’s website.

Want to read more? Drop on by Amazon to purchase the Kindle version of “Teapot Tales”. The traditional print version is coming soon.


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