Three children’s book publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

One of the hardest things in the children’s book industry is to find a publisher that is accepting unsolicited manuscripts. It takes hours of research in order to find a few and then you have to research more to find if the publisher is the right fit.

Of course there are excellent books to be had on the subject like

2013 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market

However, a lot can be done on the internet now. Another way to go about finding someone who is accepting an unsolicited manuscript is to go on the publisher’s website. Then read some books that the publisher has published in order to get a feel for what they are looking for. You can also choose to follow a publisher via Twitter, get on their e-mail mailing list, or read their blog.

Research takes a lot of time, so here’s a head start for you. I am sharing three publishers who will accept an unsolicited manuscript:

1. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

There are three divisions of the children’s group, which all have distinct styles, i.e., Clarion Books, so you must do some more research to find your fit. They are looking for picture books, novels, and non fiction.

2. Charlesbridge

Charlesbridge asks for exclusive submissions. They are looking for picture books, transitional books, and non fiction books.

3. Kane Miller (educational)

They accept picture books, chapter books, and middle grade fiction.

Here’s a publisher that accepts query letters:

Greenwillow Books

Although they are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts, at least they are willing to look at query letters. The query letters must be sent by snail mail to a specific editor, which means more research to find the editor who suits you.  They publish children’s books for every age.

Remember that it is important to find a publisher that fits your personality. I find that lately I have been reading books, discovering the publisher styles I really enjoy,  and then taking down names.

What about you? Do you have any children’s book publishers who are accepting unsolicited or unagented manuscripts that you would like to share with us?


Check out my new page called “Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts” for a more detailed list.


16 thoughts on “Three children’s book publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

  1. Hi, I am a children’s book author and my e-books are on I am looking for a publisher who could pick one of my titles that is suitable for their list.
    If you could help me please send me an e-mail. I know quite a lot of publishers who take unsolicited manuscripts but finding a publisher who likes your style and interested your work is hard.
    Bakthi Ross

    • I am a writer myself. I have given you the first step, potential publishers. Now you will have to do some more research to find a fit for your book. Good luck.

  2. I am seeking a publisher for a self-published coloring book that was published more than 15 years ago. It offers safety tips that help keep young people out of harm’s way. I sold more than a 1000 using an 800 number. Example: It is not good playing with a gun. Bad things can happen to you. Much more. David Fields

  3. I finish my book “LET’S TALK” about a dog why talk’s about his life and happenings.
    And I have to continue working on two more books for children.
    I do not have a publisher. Maria

  4. I can suggest trying Kindred Rainbow Publishing – they are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for children’s books.

    Good luck!

  5. I’m looking for a Traditional publisher I DON’T have to pay. Someone who Plays me royalties in advance and the like. Are there Publishers like that on your site? I spend so much time researching I’m beginning to think they don’t exist and I don’t have the money to self publish. I found I publisher who claimed that I didn’t have to pay them so I sent them my manuscript and a week later I got “The Call”, they accepted me! they sent my the contract and POW they wanted $3955 over a 8month period. I was devastated!
    Now I’m looking again.
    Can you advice me? Lead me to a real publisher?

    • I am sorry that you are so frustrated.
      There are many publishers out there that do not ask you to pay in advance.
      Check out my “publishers accepting unsolicited submissions” page for a start.

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