Three social media platforms that writers should consider using: interview with Carol Bremner

In part one of my interview with Carol Bremner, we talked about using social media in general. But I wanted to know more about which specific social media she thought would be good for writers.

Here’s part two of the interview with Carol Bremner of “Motivated to Learn”.


Is there one form of social media that you prefer over another? Is there one that writers should use?

“It depends upon who you want to target, your market. For instance for picture books, you probably would be targeting mothers and grandmothers, because they’re the ones who would be buying the picture books. Pinterest might be a good one, because you could pin the cover of your book. Or you could pin one of the images of your book, and then you could have it link back to your website, so that people could find out about your book.”

“I think everyone who writes any kind of a book should have a blog. And that can be a free blog on or it can be a blog that you are paying to host. It’s a way for people to find you and find out more about your work. You can talk about some of the characters in your book, or how you got the idea to write the book. Any of those types of things that are around the topic, but aren’t necessarily giving away the book itself. As you get a little bit more well known and build a fan base, people want to know all about you, not just about your book.”

“Another possibility is a Facebook page, because that’s another way that you could talk about the same types of things that you could in a blog. People could come to your Facebook page and find out more about your writing.”


Stay tuned for part three in which we talk about how not to become overwhelmed by social media.

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