Valentiny Contest

Since I’m overseas, celebrating the Chinese New Year in the balmy south, I’m having a wee bit trouble posting this. But here it is! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Witch Walenda’s Grumpy Valentine’s Day

Witch Walenda stacked the potions on the shelves. She read the labels: lumpy, bumpy, dumpy, jumpy, frumpy, mumpy…She sighed. Newbies always got the most boring jobs.

Her arm stopped in midair. In her hand she had a potion she had never noticed before: rump. Why would there be a potion for your bum? Only one way to find out. She looked around. Just one little taste…She held her nose and swallowed some. “Yuck!”

Walenda stared at her bum. Nothing happened.

Teacher Tattie walked in. “How are you doing with the potions, Walenda?”

“I hate this job,” grumped Walenda.

The teacher looked at her. “What did you say Walenda?”

Walenda slapped a hand over her mouth, but her words escaped. “It’s boring, and I want to do something else.”

“Are you looking for a detention, Walenda?”

“Everybody else gets the good jobs,” said Walenda.

“Such a bad attitude and on Valentine’s Day too! I’ll see you tonight after class,” said the teacher.

Walenda slammed down the bottles. She looked at the rump potion again and noticed that there was dirt around the edges of the word. She flicked the dirt away. Grumpy, said the bottle.

Walenda slapped her forehead. She scanned the shelves. Happy, said a label. Walenda swallowed the potion and smiled.


(And now that I’m home, I’m posting the link for the rules to the contest.)

Update: I got an “honourable mention” Yay! Click here to view all the winners.


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