Word games for readers and writers

Play is so important for both children and adults.  It is a good way to enhance anyone’s creativity. For writers play can do all sorts of things: solve writer’s block, create new characters, generate new ideas…

A new tool for me is the magnetic poetry series. This kit is great for when I am having trouble coming up with some story ideas or writing prompts.

There are many ways to play. I like making haiku poetry. And I never try to rhyme. Prose can sound just as lyrical.

My favourite way to play is to pick up a handful or two and see what I can come up with in a short time. That is, I try not to think too much about crafting a sentence. A princess dog bikes to a castle and gets mud feet? Could become a story.

I also like coming up with adjective noun combinations, ones that I had never thought of before. That “pink star like bird” may become a protagonist one day.

My daughter also loves to play. She really loves to make nonsense sentences, much like she loves to make nonsense words. It’s a great way to discover the beauty in language. But it also helps her to review the words she already can read. And at the same time she learns to read new ones.

So here are a few sentence prompts I came up with if you are looking for something to inspire you today:

1. Because a bug is family, a frog loves you.

2. I remember a ghost bird with no name. Together we always dug the summer garden.

3. I saw a wonderful balloon pig in the morning sky.

Feel free to use them. And let me know the results. Or leave a prompt of your own.


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