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In my Word by Word Facebook group, we are working our way through the book called “Yes You Can Learn How to Write Beginning Readers and Chapter Books” by Nancy I. Sanders.
We completed chapter 10, easy readers, last week. Easy readers target children in grades one-three. They are the readers that bridge the gap between the readers where children are learning to sound out words and the ones where they are reading independently.
One of the exercises Nancy suggests in chapter 10 is to post a picture of a place in a child’s world on your blog, and then ask people to comment about the setting. You can describe the setting or comment about what it means to you.
Setting does not need to be described or even mentioned in an easy reader. So why does Nancy suggest we do a setting exercise? Well for one thing, creating a memorable setting may be a way of getting children to read your story again and again. For another, often if you establish a setting before you write the story, you will get your creative ideas flowing.



So I thought it would be fun to do Nancy’s setting exercise. I am posting two pictures of a place I walk by almost every single morning. Let’s brainstorm and see if we can get any ideas for a story. And even if we all have the same information, we’ll have different stories.




16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. There is a lot at the end of the street with a tree I like to climb …
    When I am sitting high up on the big branch I watch for dinosaurs or pirates or lions or tigers
    I dream of building a fort in these trees.
    Up high and looking out over the world at the end of the street.

  2. Linda, I see steps to a secret place to sit, read, and write. Perhaps a notch around the back, not visible by the trail. OR two visible steps, of four or five total steps (others invisible) to an invisible, and magic tree house.

  3. Linda – this is a fun & helpful exercise, and not just for writing easy readers. Last night I took a couple file folders filled with photos snipped from magazines – cool places, harsh places, interesting houses – took them to the teen writing group. They loved finding photos that could help them tell a story – and one of them is doing sci-fi, so he’s looking for photos that could be environments on another planet. I also peruse old National Geographics for photos and maps of places I’m setting my story and then tape the pictures on my wall near my desk.
    PS – I, too, have a wordless Wednesday photo on my blog. It’s a way to help myself look more closely at my natural surroundings.

  4. Fairies used to live in the two trees until all the branches were cut off. They are looking for help to bring their trees back to life.

  5. Love this setting, Linda! It reminds me of places we played as children…hide -n- seek…spying on the boys…building forts…FUN! Thanks for stirring up some great childhood memories! 🙂

  6. What fun, Linda…something about the picture called to me…here’s my story:

    Many moons ago, the gods wished to observe mankind more closely. They sent one of their own to live on Earth, cautioning him never to tell the secrets of life. He met a beautiful woman who was very curious. Why does the sun rise? Why does the moon shine? Why does the rain fall? Even though he loved her dearly, he remembered his promise, and to every question, he answered, “I cannot say. I cannot say.” The gods were so pleased with his loyalty and devotion, they placed him next to his love for all of eternity – he the ‘I’ shaped tree and she the ‘Y’.

  7. Follow the steps and climb up, up, up until you see the nest. Climb in the nest and you will find a beak, a pair of wings and tail feathers. Put them on and off you go!

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