Writing Beginning Readers and Chapter Books

In my Word by Word Facebook group, we are working our way through the book called “Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Beginning Readers and Chapter Books” by Nancy I. Sanders.
This is quite different from learning about picture book writing, which I focussed on last year.
Yet, I find that I am really enjoying the book so far.
In chapter 1, Nancy talks about the “Triple Crown of Success”. Nancy notes that people write for three reasons:
“1. for personal fulfillment
2. to get published
3. to earn an income.”
However, writers will get frustrated if they try to use one manuscript to accomplish all three goals. Therefore, you should be working on three different manuscripts at the same time to accomplish these different goals. Hmmmm, interesting…
So far I have found the idea of writing beginning readers and chapter books exciting! It is a world that is full of structure. Often the word list is provided and even things such as length of sentence can be controlled. This is definitely a world that is quite different than picture books.
The only drawback to this market is that it is hard to break into. <Sigh> However, with some persistence I believe it is doable.
What do you think of Nancy’s “Triple Crown of Success” theory? And have you tried writing beginning readers and chapter books?


4 thoughts on “Writing Beginning Readers and Chapter Books

  1. Love that author, Nancy I Sanders. She was a member and facilitator of my first critique group for many years. Her approach is unique and she is one of the most generous children’s writers I know. I am so please you are using her material, Linda.

  2. This is a fabulous blog, Linda. I discovered this book quite by accident over a year ago. It’s very informative. Taking Mira Reisberg’s chapter book class, which is what I did in 2014, can also enhance your CB writing skills.
    The most important thing I learned after taking this class is that I am not a chapter book writer. Chapter Books are very different than picture books and I am more comfortable with the picture books.

    • I have tried to write a couple of chapter books, but with limited success. I find shorter is better. Early readers are still short enough.

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