Writing tips for all ages

There are a couple of issues that every writer comes across in the process of their writing. One is writer’s block. The other is what story to write.

There are a couple of excellent children’s books that deal with these issues.

The first book I stumbled across one day, and it quickly became a favourite of my daughter and me. “Polka Dot Penguin Pottery” by Lenore Look is about a girl author who is facing writer’s block. Most writers can relate to that very well. So what solution do the grandparents have? They take her to a pottery shop. There she eventually discovers that you need to get messy when you are doing art. And then she goes home and is able to write again.

The next book called “The Best Story” by Eileen Spinelli was recommended to me by my children’s writing teacher. In this children’s book, the main character has trouble figuring out what story to write for a contest. She gets advice from a bunch of people, and her story keeps changing to please everyone. But, you are never going to please everyone. So after realizing that each story she writes for someone else is not quite right, the author must find out what the best story is.

The lessons in the book are wonderful and ones every author can learn from. First of all, if you are stuck, then do something else creative, some other art form. In fact, engaging in other art forms really enhances your writing. You will face writing anew afterwards and come up with some fresh ideas. I really enjoy pottery making, and it is one of my art indulgences. Another valuable lesson is that you should get messy when you are writing. That’s not to say that you won’t clean it up eventually, but if you don’t get messy at first, then you will never know what you can come up with.

The second book also has a good writing tip in it: be true to yourself. Writers do have to take into consideration their audience, but if that is all they worry about, then the story feels flat. They also must write from the heart; they must please themselves.

The books are full of good writing tips, not only for young writers, but also for those adults who are struggling with their material.


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